[gardeners] Weather

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 11:22:29 -0600

No gardening today. Temps at 1100 were 34F with a windchill down around 9F. Too
cold out for man or beast but I did go pile some extra leaves around the roots
of the citrus trees. 

Bad thing is is that these temps are forecast for the next two or three days. We
could start losing stuff by tomorrow. Luckily the greenhouse is staying at
around 40F so we shouldn't lose much there. The stupid bromeliads are blooming
their heads off in that greenhouse. I had them stacked under the shelves so just
left them there and they're doing great. This is the only time I've ever wished
we had a fireplace, at least I would have the illusion of flame to keep me warm.
Maybe I'll get one of those endless videos of a roaring fire and put it on the
TV. Sheesh, I've got cold feet, think I'll go look for some wool socks. Miz
Sleepy Dawg actually brought me her sweater this morning, she usually doesn't
like to wear it but is muchly pleased with it today.