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David G Smith (
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 13:29:40 -0500

I don't think it's been up to 34 here in a couple weeks, and it's windy too.
If it gets any colder I'll start drinking the coffee from the cafeteria
instead of going out.


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> No gardening today. Temps at 1100 were 34F with a windchill down around
9F. Too
> cold out for man or beast but I did go pile some extra leaves around the
> of the citrus trees.
> Bad thing is is that these temps are forecast for the next two or three
days. We
> could start losing stuff by tomorrow. Luckily the greenhouse is staying at
> around 40F so we shouldn't lose much there. The stupid bromeliads are
> their heads off in that greenhouse. I had them stacked under the shelves
so just
> left them there and they're doing great. This is the only time I've ever
> we had a fireplace, at least I would have the illusion of flame to keep me
> Maybe I'll get one of those endless videos of a roaring fire and put it on
> TV. Sheesh, I've got cold feet, think I'll go look for some wool socks.
> Sleepy Dawg actually brought me her sweater this morning, she usually
> like to wear it but is muchly pleased with it today.
> George