Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden - maybe

Shirley,George (
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 12:46:36 -0600

We ended up with almost the same machine we had from 1982 until this month, a
Sharp. They make a convection microwave oven that is 1.5 cubic feet and has a
carousel. Our old one was 1.6 cubut feet but whats a tenth of a cubic foot among
cooked turkeys. The machine, like the old one, is 900 watts on "nuke" and the
convection temp is controllable to above 400F and can be used for broiling. I
particularly like the instrument panel on this one as it has presets for a lot
of the things we do including a "Minute" button, push it once and it runs on
high for one minute. You can push it as many times as you want I reckon but I
use it mostly to reheat coffee I've walked off and let chill. If it hasn't
turned green yet it's usually still good. B-) In the summer I cook a lot of
baked goods in the convection part because it doesn't heat up the house as bad
as the big oven. And holiday birds are always cooked on combination, they get
done quicker, are moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. Leaves the big
oven free for dressing, pies, cakes, etc. 

Yeah, I don't like ovens on the floor either. Unfortunately the stove I have
picked out to install if I ever see my ship coming in is a commercial brand made
for home use, all stainless steel with six gas burners and a big oven, on the
floor of course. I found one locally for about 1800 bux, gonna have to wait for
my schoolteacher wife to get the big raise. ROTFLMAO at that thought.


Martha Brown wrote:
> George,
> It is still cold and windy here today again.  I
> don't even want to know what the wind chill is!
> La Nina wouldn't be discouraged here either.  VBG
> I assume this is the new counter top convection
> oven.  Which one did you decide on and how do you
> like it?  I was thinking about the Maytag double
> oven range but I wonder if the
> microwave-convection oven combination wouldn't be
> a better choice since I really don't like the idea
> of the full size oven being basically on the
> floor.
> Martha