Re: [gardeners] Gyros?

penny x stamm (
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 18:38:47 -0500

No, Margaret, sour cream and yopgurt neither taste the same nor feel 
the same on the tongue. The usual procedure for the tzadziki is to
ladle the yogurt into a strainer lined with cheese cloth, and allow it to
drain at room temp for an hour or more. The longer it drains, the stiffer
it gets. Sometimes I have to add back a bit of the drip water to loosen
it!  The "sourness" of yogurt is not the same as the "sourness" of
sour cream -- I could stand and eat a half pint of sour cream just plain,
if I didn't know that it's fattening. I would have to force myself to
and eat a half pint of plain yogurt -- altho many people enjoy it. 

I wonder what makes sour cream provoke an allergy?  How about other
dairy products?

So then, I do add a few tablespoons of LIGHT sour cream to the yogurt,
because the texture of the end product is more to my liking.

Amusing story:  the husband of the Greek cooking teacher who
wrote out the recipe which is in the cookbook hates dill. Therefore,
she did not include it in the recipe for the tzadziki, not even as an
option .....  I suppose she does not cook with it at all.  

Another cook's secret:  when I am making something with mayo,
I will often slip in one spoonful of sour cream. And when I am making
something with sour cream, I will often slip in one spoonful of mayo.
I think this gives the dishes a bit of pizzazz.....

Penny, NY

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