Re: [gardeners] Radish

penny x stamm (
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 23:59:46 -0500

Hi there, Byron -- do you really think we can fool those critters
which Nature has taught to survive all these millenia...? I'll try
what you are suggesting, which is to plant cheap radish seeds
around the good radish seeds, in the hopes of protecting the 
good ones, and we shall see what happens. I am dilligently
saving our coffee grounds to mix in with the soil under and
around the radishes -- maybe something will work. 

About your indoor seedlings:  every winter I grow annual cuttings
under grow lights -- coleus, about 7 varieties; geraniums, one
very striking exotic variety; a few begonias, and over a dozen of
my pets, the hoya carnosa "Shooting Stars" which I specialize
in. The plants flourish and grow and grow and grow, until I am
tearing my hair out to find space for them!  Guess there are about
100 of 'em right now. There's room on my sunny kitchen windowsill,
but that means that every single night when I close the blinds, I  have
to remove all the plants to safe keeping, and bring them back in the
morning. That got too tedious so I stopped it. I have some on top of
the refrigerator, since there is a double fluorescent overhead which
I can leave on for hours.  I have 7 of the hoya in a tight circle under
a lamp on the desk in my computer room. That light stays on for
10 hours, and even tho it's only one bulb, the plants are really

In your case, I don't understand why you would need to start the
plants in 1 gallon pots. Seems way too large. And that's part of your
problem, of course. I can't see you starting all 150 with that much
snow hanging around. Or are they all growing already...???  Then 
you will have to use your windowsills -- and switch the plants
around once a week to give them all a chance at the best light until
planting time.  Room on top of the fridge..? Can you put up a picnic
table in some sunny exposure, and leave the blinds up..? 

Hope it warms up soon ......

Penny, NY zone 6


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