[gardeners] Fungicides

byron bromley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 15 Apr 2001 20:15:46 -0400

Hi Byron. I mistakenly assumed you had a fungus on the fruits. Depending on
how severe the fungus is and how big the plants are, you might just try
trimming off infected leaves, increasing air circulation with a fan or
something, spreading plants out, lowering humidity, etc...basically make it
hard on the fungus.



I do all of that,  Fan going and no wet foliage, I even water with about 1/2
of what makes a pot soggy.  Water 2x as often  to reduce soil fungi..

Daconil,  Might be my bottle is an older one,  I see the label color has
Misprint  or reg problems ??

Contest,  I think they are on the way to the incinerator    I don't have the
disease under control,  I sprayed 5 days ago and I am still loosing leaves.
Buds are aborting.  I think that they have been stressed too much to produce

These are only 2x hotter than a Jal,

Nice to add to soups, beef stew, cookies, bread, jellies  pumpkin pies..  OR
dry and grind for other stuff.  Like ice cream sprinkles.

If the plants made it in the house,  they would have gone into greenhouse
and then into the garden.

I have only one small hope left.  I am working with a pathologist at Penn
State.  If he doesn't have an answer by Tue I thing they are gone.  I need
to start my other plants,  I am 2 weeks late already.

As far as the contest,  I was way ahead of everyone else.  My plants were 8
to 10 in tall with 8 or 9 buds on them,  The rest of the group had 4in
plants.  I don't mind losing in a "fair fight"  to lose with a disease that
no one knows how to fight "Aint fair"

Oh well hopefully an ans tomorrow.