[gardeners] alpine strawberries

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 04:35:22

Dear Penny and David and all,
  Hmmmmm... you're right, the alpines are small.  But, and for me this is a 
big but, there are SO many fruits and they bear constantly until the first 
frost (that makes it 5 months where I live) and they don't have to be 
replaced ever:    all these positives just outway any perceived negatives.  
I just love walking by the patch every day and as a treat popping the ripe 
ones into my mouth.  They don't even make it to the kitchen.  They are sooo 
sweet!  It's like strawberry flavored sugar.  I have about 50 plants in the 
first bed and have just added 40 new ones to the new strawberry bed.  I also 
have 4-5 of the Alexandra alpines growing out in the back yard but have not 
seen any fruit on them yet - maybe this year!  Neither my squirrels nor the 
birds have bothered my strawberries at all, either.

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