Re: [gardeners] hot water heater

Jill Fyffe (
Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:43:07 -0400

Yes Penny,

We have had a gas water heater that is vented out thru the wall for 
the last 9 years.  The main thing to remember is that the air coming 
out is quite warm (well lets face it it is HOT) so will affect the 
plantings just outside that wall.  I used to have clematis that grew up 
a large trellis.  When we put in and moved the hot water tank the 
exhaust pipe came out just below one side of the trellis.  The 
clematis grows around the vent.  

They also make gas furnaces now that vent thru the wall.  We had a 
perfectly good chimney so still used that to vent the new furnace.

> Is there a vent through the outside wall or is the fan supposed to force the
> exhaust gases through the blocks? I have never heard of one of these before
> either. I would want those exhaust gases out of my house though, they're
> comprised of mostly carbon monoxide along with some other products of
> combustion, not a healthy combination.
> George
> penny x stamm wrote:
> > 
> > Has anybody heard of a self-venting hot water heater? The
> > pros want to install one next to an outside wall. It contains
> > its own fan for exhausting the fumes, and vents simply right
> > thru the cement building blocks which make up our wall. No
> > chimney is needed.  Apparently the moment the heater cuts
> > in, the fan also goes on. If either one fails, neither one gets
> > activated.
> > 
> > Supposedly many manufacturers make them. We cannot
> > find them in the Grainger book, which worries us. We have
> > requested a brochure.
> > 
> > Penny, NY
> > 
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