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Ooo, and they'd probably be nice for crafts and stuff, too. Similar to how
you would use dried apples. Thanks for the idea!


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Alice, if you do turn out to have a big crop of good pears, another 
preservation technique is to dry them.  Pears are easy to dry. You don't 
have to skin them, and I just use a Vegomatic to slice them, core and all. 
Once they're dehydrated, you can pick out seeds as you eat them.  Margaret L

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>Oh, now that's interesting. I had no idea there was any such-type of pear.
>The fruits themselves have the shape and color of a "regular" bartlett (?)
>that you buy in the grocery store, so I just assumed that's what it was. I
>will talk with our extension office. I can't believe I may have just been
>wasting all those pears for all these years!  Would I go about making pear
>butter the same way I do apple butter? Different spices? We put up many
>pints of apple butter every year. Pear would make an interesting change for
>those Christmas baskets. And pear honey?  That's peaked my interest.