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Ed Muckle (
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:39:36 -0700

Hi Teressa;
    Have your local nursery do a trace element test for the soil around
those apple trees. If they have been there a long time it is a good bet they
are short on iron.
Ed Muckle

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Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: [gardeners] New members

>I'm Teressa Kandianis living in Ferndale, WA (NW corner of the state).   We
>moved here from Kodiak, AK about 6 years ago so my garden is about 5.   My
>husband and I have 4 rescued mini schnauzers, a cat in charge, and two
>Norwegian Fjord horses.  I have an acre to garden and another 3 acres in
>pasture and paddock.  Clay soil loaded up over the past 5 years with
>and horse compost but still need to add more.  The schnauzers love to help
>me in the garden and the ponies prune anything within reach of their lips.
>Charlotte the cat is an accomplished mouse and mole hunter.  My husband
>would help but bulldozers and chain saws are his tools of choice and that's
>a little heavyhanded for my perennial beds.  I have some of everything -
>veggies, herbs, trees, shrubs, fruit, perennials, annuals.  I am in the
>process of making new beds - getting rid of lawn.  I love people talking
>My apricot is also loaded this year for some reason - have only had a
>couple of dozen fruits in the past and those were consumed by the birds.
>Frost peach trees are also doing well given they are all about 3 years old.
>I just can't seem to get the apples to bear like they were when we bought
>the house.  Tomatoes are under shelter to protect from the late blight
>is inescapable in my area if the plants are out in the open.  That's enough
>for now.  Hello to everyone.  Teressa