Re: [gardeners] New members

George Shirley (
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:34:42 -0500

Welcome Teressa, I'm familiar with Ferndale, WA. If I'm not mistaken there used
to be a Naval Air Station there 40 years ago, at least I seem to remember flying
in there a couple of times. Have visited Eastern Washington, Kennewick to be
exact, have very good friends living there. Beautiful state, mostly nice people,
lots of fruits, vinyards, etc. Love the salmon and steelhead fishing too.


Teressa Kandianis wrote:
> I'm Teressa Kandianis living in Ferndale, WA (NW corner of the state).   We
> moved here from Kodiak, AK about 6 years ago so my garden is about 5.   My
> husband and I have 4 rescued mini schnauzers, a cat in charge, and two
> Norwegian Fjord horses.  I have an acre to garden and another 3 acres in
> pasture and paddock.  Clay soil loaded up over the past 5 years with chicken
> and horse compost but still need to add more.  The schnauzers love to help
> me in the garden and the ponies prune anything within reach of their lips.
> Charlotte the cat is an accomplished mouse and mole hunter.  My husband
> would help but bulldozers and chain saws are his tools of choice and that's
> a little heavyhanded for my perennial beds.  I have some of everything -
> veggies, herbs, trees, shrubs, fruit, perennials, annuals.  I am in the
> process of making new beds - getting rid of lawn.  I love people talking
> gardening.
> My apricot is also loaded this year for some reason - have only had a sparse
> couple of dozen fruits in the past and those were consumed by the birds.  My
> Frost peach trees are also doing well given they are all about 3 years old.
> I just can't seem to get the apples to bear like they were when we bought
> the house.  Tomatoes are under shelter to protect from the late blight which
> is inescapable in my area if the plants are out in the open.  That's enough
> for now.  Hello to everyone.  Teressa