[gardeners] Intro

Tom Church (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:34:13 -0400

Looks like you are going to get this twice, hit the wrong button the first

My name is Tom Church and I live in Wesley Chapel, FL, we are about 20
miles north of Tampa.
I am a new master gardener, year 2000 and I work at a local Home Depot in
the garden.
I am married to a wonderful lady named Ann and we have a Yellow Lab and
five indoor cats.We are
both in our late fiflies and both love to garden. We meet at a local Orchid
society meeting. We live 
on 3 acres,of which about a little over 1 is yard, the rest is woods or
palmetto and scrub. We bought 
this place two years ago and plan of staying here till they cart us off.
The biggest gardening problem
that we have is deer. I have a 4' X 40' raised bed veggie garden and they
wiped it out this spring. Before
I start my fall garden I will have to put up a deer fence, as I can't think
of anything else that might work.
If anyone knows of anything please let me know. 
Current project is aquiring roses to climb a pergola 8' X 32' that I built
this spring. They will be joined 
by some Butterfly Pea that we got as seed from out local Extension Agency.
I think we have decided on 
two red roses and 4 white. Now we just have to decide which one to use.

Keep the list going George..

Tom (simi lurker) Church