Re: [gardeners] Apple butter

penny x stamm (
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 23:05:32 -0400

We no longer have very many local farmer's markets hereabouts. 
AMOF, I can only think of one, and it is not really legitimate...  Some
of the veggies and fruits the young man does grow on his farm in 
upstate New York, but as my son discovered while working there
one summer, some of the things are simply purchased by the 
farmer at the wholesale produce exchange in The Bronx, and
passed off to my neighbors casually as his own. 

Contrasted with that, my daughter always made a pilgrimage 
downtown on a Saturday morning to the market at Soulard, in
St.Louis, to buy her stuff. She would get 10 limes for a dollar,
while here in New York, I would get 3. Besides that, she subscribed
to a weekly fresh fruit and veggie delivery of whatever a certain
farm had on hand that week, with recipes, very fresh and at very
reasonable prices. She and hubby learned to eat a lot of veggies
that were new to them, this way. Interesting .....

For several years she would buy a bushel of apples at a time in
the fall, and then painstakingly slice them all just as thin a possible,
and then dry them in the oven. My! but they were delicious!  She
often told us that her big dog would sit himself down in front of the
oven while they were baking, and would refuse to budge until they
were finished. Never realized that dogs might be as fond of the 
aroma of apples baking or cooking as I am..! 

Recently I sent her a mandoline for slicing from Chef's
catalog, and she went ape...  It didn't take long for her to
think of dozens of other things to use on it!

Penny, NY


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