[gardeners] rose of sharons

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:12:59

I just happen to have dozens of rose of sharons, all around the backyard 
fence for the entire perimeter of the yard as a matter of fact.  Found them 
all here when I bought the place 3 summers ago.  What I've found is that the 
rose of sharon wants to be a bush and/or tangle of sprouts.  So, if you want 
it to be tree-like, which is what I wanted, then I had to consistently and 
persistently prune off any and all branches below a certain height.  I was 
merciless.  Anything found below a certain height and I chopped it off.  I 
found too, that that first summer that I did this, the rose of sharons 
accepted it as a challenge and kept putting out side branches and new shoots 
like mad.  I was having to keep up with my pruning and trimming about once a 
month.  And with the number of rose of sharons I have, that was taking me a 
couple of hours to do.  But, then the second spring and summer, I found that 
I had to prune once in the spring and once in the fall.  And this 
spring/summer I've hardly had  a few lower sprigs to brush off...total 
pruning time about l0 mins.  With each passing year they have seemed to 
accept their pruning and their destiny to be a tree shape.  I picked the 
height of my waist as the line of demarcation ... anything lower than that 
and it gets pruned.  They look quite nice now, I think, and serve as a 
screen between my backyard and the neighbor's but yet allow me to see the 
grass and etc through the naked lower stems/trunk.  They just started 
flowering this week!

  Zone 7a
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