Re: [gardeners] Fourth of July in the garden

Janni (
Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:56:47 -0500

This year we planted, among other things (boo hoo, no red tomatoes for the 
4th), bush cukes, instead of the vine ones last year. Three small bushes 
have yielded 4 jars of dill pickles, so far!!! Our ripe zuke we picked the 
other day and it was just HUGE!!! I haven't made ratatouille since I cooked 
for Marriott's! That sounds absolutely right for today!


At 09:42 PM 7/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>We played in the garden a bit when it cooled off this afternoon. Harvested 
>a few
>more eggplant, one giant zuke, about a half gallon of various tomatoes, 
>and one
>little cucumber. Not to mention the Giant Marconi sweet chile I found 
>hiding in
>the bush plus a few Longhorns off the bush too.
>Decided to take all this wealth and make a ratatouile for dinner.