Re: [gardeners] Euell G

George Shirley (
Thu, 05 Jul 2001 09:15:36 -0500

Gracious me. When we were working in Saudi I got the opportunity to pay a couple
of hundred acres in Belize and went down and looked at it. Figured it would be a
neat place to retire to but Miz Anne didn't want to be that far away from our
kids and grandkids. Turns out we're just as far away here in Loosyanna but it's
road miles instead of air miles. The fishing, scuba, and snorkeling were
wonderful there. I'm envious that you lived in Belize. I used to hunt there
occasionally in the sixties when it was still British Honduras. Had a good
friend with dual citizenship.

George wrote:
> I haven't thought about him in years! his ideas were a little 'out
> there', like he thought you should eat a little poison ivy every once
> in awhile so your body wouldn't 'revolt' when it comes across a big
> patch.
> He did write a great beachcomber book that was my 'bible' while I
> lived in Belize. (Even though he DID get a little carried away in the
> palm wine section ...)
> Martha, (Texas)
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