[gardeners] jalopenos/blackberries

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 06 Jul 2001 06:22:03

Dear List

  Jalopenos:  what?  they get red?  I've only ever seen green ones (I told 
you I was a novice at this!)  I picked 3 of them that were about 3 inches 
long and a friend tasted one for me -- the verdict was that they were not 
ripe yet.  She told me to wait about 2 more weeks to pick any others.  So, 
there is lots of advice from the list.  A bit confusing  ---  do I wait 
until they get lime green/red/black shoulders???  Do I pick them at thumb's 
length or 3-4 inches or August vs November???  Help!!

  Blackberries:  I have 3 large Navaho bushes of them and they are just  
getting ripe here too.  I wait to pick them until 1. they are fully black 
and 2. they feel soft to the squeeze.  I find that by waiting for the 
softness factor they are much sweeter than they would be otherwise.  I get a 
pint or two off of them almost every day for several weeks.  I freeze them 
while I look for interesting recipes.  Wash and dry them.  Place them on a 
cookie sheet, single file and in one layer and freeze them for one hour.  
Then transfer them to a container and return them to the deep freeze.

  Zone 7a
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