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I make a simple, quick blackberry cobbler gently heating the berries with
just enough sugar to make them as sweet as you want, cinnamon to taste and a
dash of nutmeg, if too juicy add a little flour or cornstarch.  Then I pour
into a buttered glass pyrex and top with sweetened dumplings made using
Bisquick dumpling recipe and adding 2 tablespoons of sugar per single recipe
(recipe is on the box).  You can skip heating the berries first but I've
found that it takes longer to cook.  Nothing fancy but always a big hit with
my family.

You could also make a more cake like cobbler using the cake part from a
pineapple upside down cake recipe.

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We have a LOT of blackberries out our back door and they are starting to
get good and ripe. I have a couple questions about recipes and one about
the berries themselves. Some, not all, are sour. Do they need to stay on
longer? I need a quick, easy recipe for either blackberry jam or jelly (for
immediate use, not to can/jar) and one for quick, easy cobbler. At my age,
my patience is thin and my kitchen gets too hot to do much. Thank you!