[gardeners] Jalapenos

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Mon, 9 Jul 2001 17:17:43 EDT

<< The mild ones are right tasty but you definitely don't want
to eat the seeds if you're not used to the heat. They're also easy to grow, I
would recommend the TAM mild jalapeņo (TAM is Texas A&M). >>

We buy the pickled Jalapenos by the 1/2 gallon jar at Costco!  I chop them up 
and add to Guacamole.  I love the pickled ones.  Of course I chop the ripe 
red ones up for wraps and stir fries as well.

My favorite Chiles are the Thai Dragons and Thai Birds!

Hint the red ripe chiles have a much better flavor IMHO no green taste.  Also 
the membranes surrounding the seeds, not the seeds hold the capsicum.

We usually grow 40 or more Chile varieties, but this year my heirloom 
tomatoes are taking over the garden area and I probably only have 18 
varieties.  I have over 75 in the ground as of now.  A few more to go into 

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