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Carol J. Bova (
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:42:12 -0700

For homemade hoagies here, we use Von's or Pavillion's sandwich rolls as 
the closest substitute for 'real' Italian rolls, hot (as in spicy) 
capicolla, Genoa salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, 
crumbled dry basil, and olive oil. (Some folks also use mortadella, but we 
don't care for it. If you don't like the hotness of the hot capicolla, or 
capicol' as my family would say, there is a mild type too.)  Not perfect, 
but pretty close!

Thinking of Italian rolls takes me back to Port Richmond in Philadelphia, 
where my father's family lived. There were lots of both Polish and Italian 
food shops there. When we had a big family event, we'd go to the bakery and 
bring home paper shopping bags full of sheets of rolls, think they were 
about 6 across, 4 high, warm, smelling so great.  Next best was from Court 
St. Bakery in Brooklyn. We lived catty-corner across the street, and oh, 
what a luxury that was! They baked 4 times a day, great rolls and a 
semolina bread that was wonderful. Almost worth the summer humidity. <g>

Sunland, CA

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> > Hello, David,
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> > How I miss a real Italian sub here in So Cal! About all we ever get to
> > see are subs from Subway, a generic chain of sandwich shops which makes 
> Italian subs  about as genuine as a plastic Trevi fountain!
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> > Ron

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