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Hi Kay,

Good to hear from you. Thanks for clearing that up!

Does Hortus III have a physical description of S. nemorosa?  Sunset does say
that May Night is S. xsylvestries which is an offspring of S. nemorosa.
Sunset also says that nemorosa spreads by rhizomes, which I'm assuming would
be the key difference between it and xsuperba and xsylvestris.


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> Queen belongs to.  She looked it up in two wholesale guides and one said
> nemerosa and the other said S. superba.  Clear as mud. :-\ After

Salvia x superba is a catchall for blue garden salvias with unclear
parentage. but probably Salvia nemerosa, Salvia pratensis, and some
other goodies.

Hortus III says Salvia nemerosa isn't in cultivation -- most stuff sold
as S. nemerosa is S. x superba or S. x sylvestris (=S. pratensis x S.