Re: [gardeners] sickly tomatoes

penny x stamm (
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:39:03 -0400


My husband believes that more water is always the cure
for plants which are doing poorly. He passes by the water
controls, and gives different things an extra drink -- today 
I found a hose trickling onto the root area of a pink dogwood,
because he thought it was drooping. I got so exasperated that 
I picked up the hose and threw in on top of a rhododendron 
hedge -- Holy Toledo -- that was noon, and now it's midnight,
and that thing must be still running!  You know what they say
about too many cooks spoil the broth.... Time out while I put
on some shoes, and go outside. .. 

Yup, the water was still running.  <Sigh>  It's like keeping an 
eye on a baby.. 

He actually prepared the veggie garden very well this spring. 
He added compost and a whole bale of peat moss, and
rototilled the whole thing under, levelled it, and planted
sugar snap peas, radishes, string beans ----  today we have
one lonesome pea vine. Everything else rotted. He drowned
the garden. 

"I'll learn," he says. He'll be 80 in January. Not much chance...

Penny, NY


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