Re: [gardeners] zone 9b

Sherryl Fawx (
Thu, 02 Aug 2001 17:16:38 -0700

I'm in Davis and often in Santa Clara.  Santa Clara isn't quite as hot in
summer nor as cold in winter, but it's a lot smoggier.  The soil in both is
pretty heavy.  Davis has "Yolo fine sandy loam" and Santa Clara has adobe
clay, but they feel pretty much the same when you're trying to work with
them.  Alamo's roughly halfway between the two, I think.  What's your
native soil like, before amending?  I drive along that corridor every week,
lamenting the loss of beautiful fields to new housing developments.  


At 12:26 AM 08/02/2001 -0400, Mary-Anne wrote:
>Where are you?  I am also 9b in Alamo

after Sherryl wrote
>><< Northern California, USDA zone 9b >>