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>I know there are a couple of folks on the list who are diabetic - as am I.
>came across some nice June apples and I want to make chunky applesauce in a
>crackpot today. Question -- has anyone ever done this using Equal instead
>sugar? I fear Equal would break down in the prolonged heat of the crockpot.

Nice to hear from you, Rosemary, and I'm glad your "crackpot" became a

>>Hey Margaret: Good to hear from you too. Crackpot. :) Guess I should learn
to type!

>Another question. Can basil be grown indoors if one has a sunny window?

Yes, but remember, it's an annual.  My friend has what she calls "perpetual
basil."  She buys some from the store, puts some in water in a sunny
window, where it roots.  Then she takes clips off that plant and puts them
into water, etc.

>>I WISH I could grow basil outdoors - no sunny spots - and, even if there
were, the deer would eat it!

>Rhodies, mountain laurel doing great. Azaleas not so great but hanging in.
>think there is too much shade for the azaleas.

Are you monitoring the shadegarden list too, Rosemary?  And watching for
Marge Talt's "shadegardens" on Suite 101?

>>I'm off and on shadegardens but I do occasionally get to read Marge's
articles on Suite 101. She's a shade garden guru. Of course, we've known
that for a long time!

>Have a new member of my household! Those of you who know me know I have
>Welsh Corgis. I have two right now - my old guy, Zach, who is 13 and Eliza,
>who is almost two (and too big for her britches!). Also have Abby, a Maine
>Coon Cat. 2 weeks ago, Murphy came to live with me. He's 1/2 German
>and 1/2 Collie and talk about a GOOD DOG!! He is wonderful and I'm
>he was sent to me as my guardian angel! :) He's totally obedience trained -
>and, I suspect, guard trained. I live so far out in the boondocks that he's
>wonderful to have! He's outdoors mostly, of course. He prefers that as he
>thinks it's his job to guard the property.....though I'm sure, come winter,
>he'll be sleeping by my bed! Abby isn't too fond of him. :)

That sounds wonderful.  Did Murphy just show up?

>>Murphy was a rescue from the humane society and they were just about to
put him down. He is WONDERFUL! I think fate stepped in when I rescued him!
:) Totally trained. SO loyal. Good with the corgis.....up to a point. He
tries to be long-suffering with them but sometimes he has to put them in
their place!

>Hope all of you are well and I want to try to participate on the list more!
>Any time anyone wants to post no (or low) sugar recipes, please do! Those
>us that can't eat much/any sugar need them!
>Now back to the applesauce...

Rosemary, my husband is diabetic too.  One thing that is used as a
sweetener is concentrated apple juice. Now I paid a small fortune for some
of that at the health foods place, but Terry King suggested I just use
frozen apple juice, undiluted. Duhhhh!!!
I've made applesauce out of Gravenstein apples with no sweetening, but now
I wish I'd used some of the concentrated apple juice.  I like it sweeter.
Chuck takes responsibility for his own diet, and went through an intensive
3-day training session where he learned how he had to eat. He's doing a
great job regulating his diabetes by diet alone.  Insurance paid for that
schooling, BTW.  Margaret L

>>Concentrated apple juice. I did NOT know that - and I, too, have been
through the diabetic schooling regarding diet. But, I've been diabetic for 7
years now, so maybe it was not a popular sweetener back them. I WISH I could
regulate my diabetes by diet alone.....doesn't work for me. I DO regulate it
with a combination of diet, exercise and oral medication. I'm an odd
diabetic as I'm very thin and very active - very unusual for Type 2 - and my
 diabetes is very brittle. A piece of wheat bread, for me, is as bad as a
candy bar! Stress-induced at my age, the Dr says. Though, in 20 more years,
I probably would have been diabetic anyway due to diabetes EVERYWHERE in my
family history. Both sides. Nice to have it 20 years early. :( Good for
Chuck!! Sounds like he is doing great. He has my thoughts - diabetes is an
every day battle. Most diabetics eventually need insulin - I hope there is a
CURE before I do! :)

Rosemary, Zone 6a, on top of a mountain in Eastern KY where it is 90 degrees
and steam is rising from the ground from all the torrential rain we've had
this summer