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Rosemary Carlson (
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 14:43:52 -0400

Thanks to all of you who have suggested Splenda - I've never tried it but am
off to the store to get some along with concentrated apple juice! :) I'm
baking a blueberry-pecan cake today, as well as tending to the applesauce,
so I'll also use Splenda in the cake.


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Rosemary Carlson wrote:
> Hi everyone: Delurking for a minute to ask a question. BTW, I'm always
> reading this list even though I don't post much anymore. Good to see your
> names, Margaret, George, Lucinda - everyone.
> I know there are a couple of folks on the list who are diabetic - as am I.
> came across some nice June apples and I want to make chunky applesauce in
> crackpot today. Question -- has anyone ever done this using Equal instead
> sugar? I fear Equal would break down in the prolonged heat of the
> I HAVE made cranberry relish to freeze using Equal - it was fine. But
> cooking with it is a different story and I really do NOT need the sugar in
> the applesauce recipe!
> Another question. Can basil be grown indoors if one has a sunny window?
> Just a brief run-down on me. Still not gardening much as I work all the
> time...also because I'm in the woods and it's tough due to the deer! I did
> put in a mop-head hydrangea and 2 blue hydrangeas this year that are doing
> great! Could NOT grow an oakleaf hydrangea here. VERY clay soil - and I
> apparently put it in a spot that was too wet unbeknownst to me. Also a
> tree -- and, due to the deer, don't know about that. I probably won't know
> until next year. Put in a wisteria that has decided to TAKE OVER THE
> Jeez. When is the best time to prune wisteria? I know it may not bloom in
> lifetime! :)
> Rhodies, mountain laurel doing great. Azaleas not so great but hanging in.
> think there is too much shade for the azaleas.
> Have a new member of my household! Those of you who know me know I have
> Welsh Corgis. I have two right now - my old guy, Zach, who is 13 and
> who is almost two (and too big for her britches!). Also have Abby, a Maine
> Coon Cat. 2 weeks ago, Murphy came to live with me. He's 1/2 German
> and 1/2 Collie and talk about a GOOD DOG!! He is wonderful and I'm
> he was sent to me as my guardian angel! :) He's totally obedience
trained -
> and, I suspect, guard trained. I live so far out in the boondocks that
> wonderful to have! He's outdoors mostly, of course. He prefers that as he
> thinks it's his job to guard the property.....though I'm sure, come
> he'll be sleeping by my bed! Abby isn't too fond of him. :)
> Hope all of you are well and I want to try to participate on the list
> Any time anyone wants to post no (or low) sugar recipes, please do! Those
> us that can't eat much/any sugar need them!
> Now back to the applesauce...
> Rosemary, Zone 6a, on top of a mountain in Eastern KY

I don't have apples but did just finish a batch of pear sauce. I don't use
sugar at all of any kind
in sauce, just the natural flavor of the fruit. If you have to have it
sweeter just add some Equal
when you get ready to eat it. If you must have sweetener either use Sugar
Twin or, better yet,
Splenda, neither is affected by heat.

Basil can be grown in a sunny window but doesn't do as good as outdoors.
I've even crowded the
plants by sowing too many seeds and then thinned them as I cooked and needed
the herb.