Re: [gardeners] Cucumber relish recipe

penny x stamm (
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 15:55:41 -0400

George, don't know how it escaped me, but I missed your
posting of the cucumber relish recipe.  Do you still have it
in a form for easy retrieval...? 

Our cuke seeds never got in the ground this summer. Jim
is still nursing that lonesome single snow pea vine which sits
in the empty veggie garden. Couldn't get the weed whacker
started, brought it back to the repair shop where they showed
him exactly how to start it, brought it home, no soap. So he
started up the big hedge trimmer on a 50 ft line, laid himself 
down on his belly in the hay field (veggie garden), and sliced
off the 18 inches of grass gone to seed which filled it, and raked
it away. Then he did manage to start up the rototiller, and turn 
the  roots under. Now we have a virgin bed of inviting rich 
brown soil, and wonder if there is anything which we might 
plant at this late and hot date...?  Days have been 85* to 95*, 
with up to 98% humidity.  The first frost never comes until 
November. Any ideas?



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