RE: [gardeners] OT (sort of) Carbonate Hardness in water?

Terry King (
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 17:43:47 -0700

Thanks Kay.  The Cornell site is great thanks!  I did misspeak, I added a
neutral pH regulator not a buffer.  So far today the pH has stayed around
7.5 so perhaps the buffering capacity is finally beginning to be

I'll have to go check our natural ponds and the creek to see what going on
with them.

The buffering maybe why I've had trouble with the yellows in some of my
potted plants.


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> The carbonate is acting as a buffer... you want to add acid to the water
> to decrease the pH, not another buffer.
> Got a friend with an established pond or aquarium?  Borrowing a few
> buckets of water from them is often the fastest way to get a new pond or
> aquarium to "settle in", and then you can adjust from there.
> Carbonates can buffer soils in the same way as water.