Diabetes, was Re: [gardeners] Applesauce/basil

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 15:28:53 -0500

I have the same problem with pasta, rice, and large amounts of potatoes. Half a baked potato with
low fat margarine or just a smidgen of real butter doesn't raise my BG, the whole potato does. Half
a cup of rice is okay as is half a cup of pasta. Now how is a grown man supposed to eat a half cup
of pasta or rice, particularly with spaghetti sauce on the pasta or gumbo on the rice. <VBG>

Today for lunch I took some left over ground beef, cooked half an onion to go in it, put in some
chili powder and a little tomato puree, put it on one slice of wheat bread and had a feast for a
king. Even the dog liked it. Checked my blood sugar two hours later and it was 101, don't know what
the dog's was. As long as I stay between 80 and 140 I feel okay, don't really start feeling bad
until I'm over 200. I have a plate of pasta once in a while but I don't eat bread, potatoes, or rice
for a couple of days before and after. Generally one small plate of the stuff raises my BG to about
180. I can live with that once a month. 

If I go hypoglycemic I am useless for the next 24 hours too, all I want to do is sleep. When I was
running around with BG above 400, pre-diagnosis, I had lots of energy, slept well, but had to
urinate every 45 minutes to an hour and drink about 3 gallons of water a day to match the thirst.
Went undiagnosed for about 3 years and then had my second heart attack. I'm more careful now and
test my blood at least daily and often more times. You can't beat diabetes but you can live with it
peacefully, it just takes determination. 


Annetta Green wrote:
> > Current thinking in diabetic diets is that sugar is just another
> carbohydrate. I calculate the
> > amount of carbs in it into my diet and have no increased blood sugar. When
> I went to artificial
> > sweeteners only I kept going hypoglysemic (low blood sugar) in my sleep.
> Scared the hell out of Miz
> > Anne when I would spazz out and start convulsing. Scared me too. Went back
> to small amounts of sugar
> George,
> this might explain why a sweet dessert does not affect my blood sugar levels
> as much as a pasta dinner.  I can eat the sweets as long as it is along with
> a good meal with no other breads or corn, then eat chocolate with no
> problem.  Give me a big pasta dinner, which I dearly love, and I am out for
> the count.  The sleepies take over and I am no good for 24 hours or more.
> The same goes for breads, if I eat one or two pieces a day, I am fine, but
> more and forget it.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26