Re: [gardeners] Applesauce/basil

George Shirley (
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 18:44:05 -0500

Pays to read the ingredients label. I am amazed since I started reading labels to find that the
manufacturers of food take the fat out and put tons more salt in to give it "flavor." I can buy
lunch meat with a few more fat grams that has much lower sodium content than the low fat version by
the same company. What I ended up doing was buying chicken and turkey and slicing it for sandwiches.
Even then you have to be careful if you're on a low sodium diet. Most "bargain" bags of flash frozen
boneless, skinless chicken breasts have been sprayed or dipped in a saline solution prior to flash
freezing. Boosts the sodium content even if you wash the saline solution off with fresh water. Teach
DH about label Margaret, he may be with you a lot longer that way.


Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> Someone mentioned having trouble with bread. DH has been eating whole wheat
> bread, counting carbos, etc. A few days ago he bought a different brand,
> and that one turns out to have been made with molasses. One piece of bread
> is two carbos.  I think it's time to feed the birds.  Margaret L
> >The same goes for breads, if I eat one or two pieces a day, I am fine, but
> >more and forget it.
> >Anne in FL
> >zone 9b, sunset 26