Re: [gardeners] Applesauce/basil

Bargyla Rateaver (
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 21:39:49 +0100

I have a huge vine I planted years ago. Last year it had, finally, 2 little
floral sprays. I hope this year it gives at least enough to make a splash of

Ron Hay wrote:

> Good morning, Elizabeth,
> I have a question about wisteria, which, perhaps, you may be able to
> answer. Ours has been in the ground for a couple of years, and, this
> year is growing like gangbusters....but not a single blossom yet. I have
> heard that wisterias sometimes take as long as 15 years before blooming.
> Has this been your experience? At that rate, i will be 73 before I see
> our first blossom:(
> Ron


Bargyla Rateaver