[gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 19:54:44 -0500

Had to work all morning and finally finished the job at 1:30 pm, Sleepy sure was glad to see me
home. Took a stroll around the garden and harvested some okra that was about 10 inches long and
woody. Went immediately to the compost heap. Was going to go back out and rip the okra and eggplant
out and start spreading rye grass seed but we had torrential downpours and lightning storms coming
through for about 2 hours. By then I was out of the mood and it was dark anyway.

Did notice some more ripe chiles so reckon I'll go get them in the morning if it isn't raining

Got to do a little shopping tomorrow also as our kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkid are coming over
Sunday to help me celebrate becoming an official senior citizen. Hit the big 62 Sunday and start
drawing my Social Security in November. Want to commend all you people out there working those long
hours and ask that you keep it up. I want to keep on drawing SS for awhile. <VBG>

It's going to be strange not doing a fall garden this year so reckon I'll try to improve some flower
beds. Got a lot of begonia to rip out of the east strip garden and also lots of partridge pea there.
Need to set out or separate some of the ginger that is doing so well in that garden. The butterfly
ginger is doing exceedingly well, lots of fragrant blooms that are a lovely white and do look sort
of like a butterfly. What I thought was red ginger turns out to be some sort of tall lily so that
gets torn out of that bed too. Reckon Stokes Tropical Garden will get some custom from us this year
as they have some really showy gingers I would like to have.

Got a couple of outsized cedars to cut out at the northwest corner of the house too. They're getting
rather large and are way to close to the house. There's a few other plants out there that need to be
rooted out and tossed but I have to get clearances from Miz Anne for those.

We start converting the carport into a garage later this month so have to go and buy the materials
soon. Also have to get estimates on the new kitchen so we'll know how hard we have to work over the
next few months. Got a pretty good idea about new floor coverings so that will be up around January.
Then I have a trellis to build in the back and a small gazebo with two seats for the front. Should
keep us busy well into the new year.

Whats up with all of you?