[gardeners] Memory Garden

Carol J. Bova (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 22 Sep 2001 09:35:46 -0700

Hello folks,
Haven't been here in awhile because my 54 year old husband of 24 years, 
Murray Schiff, was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to the brain 
on Aug. 15. He passed away at home peacefully on Sept. 19, 6 weeks to the 
day from when he first collapsed. (There were no symptoms at all prior to 

I am still in the numbing shock stage of things, but I know I'm going to be 
coming close to the edge of falling apart as that wears off. One thing I'm 
doing, is asking close friends not to send flowers, but to choose a potted 
plant instead for the garden. I have shade, sun and partly both in 
different areas, so I'll be able to use any kinds of plants. I have a large 
area with heavy live oak leaf cover. Are there plants that don't like that? 
It's a western exposure, and shady til past midday from the house and 
trees, then fully sunny.

Do any of you have any ideas on making a memory garden? I'm thinking maybe 
of doing something with a quiet area for sitting, but obviously, haven't 
thought it out at all yet. If you do have suggestions, I could hold them 
til I'm more functional.

Appreciate your input,

Carol J. Bova
Sunland, CA  can't remember if it's zone 18 or 19, but the warmer of the two.