Re: [gardeners] Geraniums

penny x stamm (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:06:57 -0400

Ron, Californians seem able to stick even rose cuttings into the
ground, and end up with new roses -- I stuck some hardy mum
cuttings into the soil next to the mother plant, where they could get 
water over time, and they have not grown even one inch in 
4 weeks!  

I don't think there was too much decomposition in my compost
pile that winter when the geraniums survived -- it was all snow 
covered several times!

Speaking of people staying away in droves, my #4 complains
bitterly that she can suddenly find NO clients in her grocery store
market research, and she lives on commissions . . . 

I have not checked up on the subject lately, but it is quite likely 
that you could buy a more powerful chemical than Orthene. Calif
if much more liberal in permitting strong stuff than New York State
is. They treat us as incompetents, and ban almost anything which
will work!  I notice on my shelf that the individual chemicals which
are contained in Orthene come in stronger formulae when sold as
individuals. Take a look in your supply store...  

Penny, NY


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