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Horse nettle, or something similar?


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> I have an awful weed (about a trillion zillion of them) growing in the 
> goat lots, horse fields, etc. Anywhere you stir the soil these things 
> pop up. I call them Jimson Weed's evil cousin. They're a form of 
> datura but not the big angel trumpet flowers. They have little white 
> quarter-sized flowers and the plant is covered in thorns, even the 
> underside of the leaves have thorns. They're awful! Goats nor 
> anything else will touch them, but the true angel's trumpet (Jimson 
> Weed) the goats will devour. I can't tell if they get high from the 
> experience,they're nutty goats after all.
> Moonflowers: I grew these in Houston when I was a teenager and 
> the seeds are almost bean or pea sized and black. You have to 
> either abrade them or soak them before they sprout and one vine 
> will cover a big porch. The leaves are huge and flowers are saucer 
> sized but don't have the 'trumpet' stem portion like Jimson weed. 
> The first hint of cold and they wilt away leaving a big ugly dead 
> messy vine. Mine reseeded with a white seed and they were 
> infertile so maybe the plant needs 2 to pollinate?
> Morning glory has heart shaped leaves but it's a small leaf 
> compared to moonflowers. Little known fact: Morning glory root is 
> made into an essential oil called 'High John The Conqueror', and is 
> a wonderfully floral scent. (I use it in a lot of my milk soaps.)
> The stuff runs about $12 per 1/4 oz, I always feel so guilty when I 
> pull the vines up! martha