Re: [gardeners] Uprooting Shrubs

David G Smith (
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 08:37:44 -0400

I use a long-handled shovel and a mattock.  If you're not familiar with
mattocks, here's a good picture (not sure what they're doing with it!)

What I do is dig all around the trunk to expose the roots, then cut them
with the mattock.  When enough roots are cut, you can use the wide blade on
the mattock to pry out the stump.  (You did say shrubs, not trees, right?)

There are some for sale that are not worth getting -- they are too light and
will just bend if you try to do any prying with them.  I got one like that
at a Southern States store.  They were very nice about taking it back after
I bent it.


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> Does anyone have tips or perhaps URL's on how to remove the stumps and
> systems of evergreen shrubs?
> Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
> Raven