Re: [gardeners] shrubs

penny x stamm (
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 00:37:19 -0400

Rosemary, it was so beautiful outside on Sunday that I drove over
to our local huge nursery and wandered thru it with paper and
pencil, in your behalf. 

To replace the azaleas I noted:

dwarf andromeda -- I have one, and it is handsome. It sits in the
	rock garden. Cannot remember but it might be costly..??

spreading euonymous -- green with yellow stripes

certain taxus

crimson pigmy barberry -- the leaves are reddish all summer,
	and it is evergreen, in a red sort of way ..<g> ... grows to
	2 ft, is very adaptable.

blue star juniper -- in my yard, they are disease free, short but very 
	spreading. Eventually they make a solid blanket.  Sun.

And my hubby reminds you to try the pebble idea which worked
for us, if you still want some azaleas .....

Penny, NY


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