Re: winter in a Calif. garden, was Re: [gardeners] test

George Shirley (
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 07:29:16 -0600

We elected to not garden this winter because our previous winter and spring gardens had produced so
much we still have a freezer and jars full. Making headway on eating it up but still have a lot.
Green Comet broccoli, last winter, made so much that we put up 40 packages of the stuff and gave
away a lot too. All of it from only 12 plants. Miz Anne is prone to buy lots of starts for the coles
as I usually don't start them from seed.

I'll be starting tomatoes, chiles, eggplant, etc. this weekend. Got the 4 inch pots soaking now in a
bleach solution. Had to go buy some new lamps for the starting setup yesterday as I raided the
lights to get replacements for the rest of the house.


Kay Lancaster wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, George Shirley wrote:
> > Hi Kay, glad to see you posting again. Are you gardening again and, if so, how does your garden
> > grow?
> No gardening around here at the moment... if you step off the
> hardscape, you'll sink to your ankles... but I've got a bunch of stuff
> propagating, so come spring, I'll be ready.
> Kay in the squishy PNW, who'd like a nice chunk of warm, dry desert
> right now.