[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 19:21:16 -0600

Miz Anne and I went out this morning and got some breakfast. With the kitchen still incomplete it is
a real pain to try and cook something. After that we went to a local nursery that has really good
perennials and fruit trees. Got ourselves another Bruce plum to pollinate the pluot tree and Miz
Anne got a nice looking red and white camellia that will replace a cedar tree at the front corner of
the house.

On the way back from the nursery we stopped at the local feed store and they had Bonnie Plants stock
in for spring. Got a dozen tomato plants, 2 sweet chiles and two TAM mild jalapeno plants. Still too
cold to set them out so I repotted them in six inch pots and put them in the greenhouse until frost
time is past.

We also put up two more wall cabinets in the garage and placed the base cabinets where we want them.
Won't take long to finish that up and then we can empty the storeroom that is destined to become my
pantry. While we were doing that I cooked a rather large beef roast in the gas grill, taking about 4
hours to do so. Turned out perfect, pink in the middle and somewhat crusty on the outside. With a
nice salad, some creamed corn and mac and cheese we made a decent supper.

Tomorrow I will start some more tomato and chile seeds and also my eggplant. Gotta have at least 6
eggplants or we don't get enough to satisfy us. I will start my hot chiles for making hot sauce
tomorrow also. Waiting on the kitchen to be finished before I grind all the 2001 chiles for hot

Life is good.