[gardeners] Saturday NOT in the garden

lneuru@watarts.uwaterloo.ca (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 23:02:15 -0500

Well, off for about a week from teaching (winter break) and it has 
ben esp. hectic this winter.....teaching overload and getting hassled 
for research results i don't have time to produce,  by friends who 
seem to have all the time in the world (no overload).

We here in our neighborhood are fighting a developer who wants to 
build a 17 storey high-rise apt. building right behind our houses, the 
entire length of the block.  It will loom over this entire block, the 
street we live on is the main entrance to a 100+years old heritage 
park.  Beautiful gardens, etc. will now have NO light. I just 
refurbished with a 10 metre line of antique peonies, given to me by 
a lady whose scottish grandmother had ben growing them for about 
100 years or so, given to her mother, friends, etc. and finally some  
to me during the last thinning.  Peonies need sun.  I am going to 
lose much of my back  garden, antique roses, many bulbs, etc.  We 
are fighting for height reduction.  We will still get a high-rise, but 8-
10 stories is easier to live with.  Any ideas?