Re: [gardeners] Saturday NOT in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 15:45:19 -0600

U.S. military doesn't use paintballs Margaret, they use lasers to tag each other and vehicles. Lots
more fun and no paint to scrub off. Must be the close resemblance to Baghdad that brought them.


Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> At 11:53 AM 2/20/02 -0600, you wrote:
> >It sounds as though Lucinda's community has the same rules as Louisiana.
> >The Golden Rule, whoever
> >has the most gold rules. This looks like a job for the Monkeywrench Gang.
> >
> >George
> Your Monkeywrench Gang wouldn't stand a chance in Boise (aka Ground Zero,
> WWIII) this summer.  We'll have the bomber wing from Mountain Home AFB
> flying across the freeway from us, Army National Guard making tracks in the
> desert (stores are full of people in camouflage are about all we usually
> see of them), and not the U.S. (presumably) Marines have decided to skulk
> around downtown, playing war games.  Why did they pick on Boise?  If I had
> two legs, I'd move way out of this area.  If I get hit by one paintball,
> someone's going to lose two, and they won't be full of paint.  Margaret L