Re: [gardeners] finding wells

George Shirley (
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:58:43 -0600

Everything I've ever read that scientists wrote about divining has debunked it as having no basis in
merit. Not withstanding, I have seen it done, done it myself, and believe in it still without
understanding how it is done. My wife sincerely thinks I have ESP because I would come in just
before she would open the door to call me for meals. I think that was just habit on my part and a
belief in my mental abilities on her part. <VBG>


olin wrote:
> To find water here in the low AZ desert, one needs to go down several
> thousand feet but I understand you can usually find it if you go deep
> enough.  An acquaintance of mine teaches dowsing as a non credit course
> at a local junior college.  But as he teaches it, it is more of a
> spiritual thing having to do with emotional and physical health.  I took
> the course but I'm still not sure I understand it ( I'm sure I still
> don't understand it).  There is an "American Society of Dowsers" sited
> at      that has lots
> divining and dowsing links.      -Olin
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> > I use two bent welding rods in soda bottles. Never had a problem
> finding water, water in pipes, oil
> > in pipes, etc. I can't tell you how deep the water is or many gpm it
> will flow but my Grandmother
> > Shirley could. I believe water witching is a possibility because I can
> do it but can't tell you how.