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I used bent metal rods to find our well in Ark. I have no idea if we could
have found one some place else or what all I know is we didn't have the
normal indications of water since it was a clearing on the side of a hill so
we decided to try it. We got plenty of water.
    Grandpa Brown always said look at the trees like oak and see how they
reach to the ground for water and you will find water. I guess for that
matter if you would look at the type of trees that are growing in the area
that may also indicate where you would have a good chance on water. Maples,
cottonwood, willow and pecan are just a few that like moist areas you could
      I have tried the rods and have found water pipe in dirt and in a
cement floor house. As far as the ESP things goes yes I do have that and
have proven it to my family too many times. Strange stuff that ESP I learn
something new every day about it still haven't figured it out. Anyone I
think can do it if you listen to your body/ inner self.

Okie zone 7a
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> Everything I've ever read that scientists wrote about divining has
debunked it as having no basis in
> merit. Not withstanding, I have seen it done, done it myself, and believe
in it still without
> understanding how it is done. My wife sincerely thinks I have ESP because
I would come in just
> before she would open the door to call me for meals. I think that was just
habit on my part and a
> belief in my mental abilities on her part. <VBG>
> George
> olin wrote:
> >
> > To find water here in the low AZ desert, one needs to go down several
> > thousand feet but I understand you can usually find it if you go deep
> > enough.  An acquaintance of mine teaches dowsing as a non credit course
> > at a local junior college.  But as he teaches it, it is more of a
> > spiritual thing having to do with emotional and physical health.  I took
> > the course but I'm still not sure I understand it ( I'm sure I still
> > don't understand it).  There is an "American Society of Dowsers" sited
> > at              http://dowsers.new-hampshire.net/  that has lots
> > divining and dowsing links.      -Olin
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> > > I use two bent welding rods in soda bottles. Never had a problem
> > finding water, water in pipes, oil
> > > in pipes, etc. I can't tell you how deep the water is or many gpm it
> > will flow but my Grandmother
> > > Shirley could. I believe water witching is a possibility because I can
> > do it but can't tell you how.