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While I was on the helicopter going to the hospital in the middle of my first heart attack I used
self-hypnosis to get away from the pain. Woke up to find they had a thumper on me and were giving me
CPR. Nurse said my blood pressure, pulse, and respiration were so low they were afraid I was dying.
Ended up being part of a gubmint study for the next 5 years. Concensus - no proof of anything
paranormal but that I did have the ability to go into a deep trance upon need. Had been doing
self-hypnosis since I was about 10 years old so wasn't surprised.

Not so sure about the ESP though. I went through a study at Duke University about 40 some odd years
ago and missed all of the cards. I thought that meant I had no ESP but the Rhine Institute docs said
it was proof I had it in spades as I avoided giving right answers. Said chance would have given me
50/50 right and wrong. Me, I don't know, I just know that occasionally I get glimpses of things that
startle me at the time. Miz Anne thinks I can read her mind but I think it's being together for 44
years come June. We met and fell in love in June of 1958.


bsk wrote:
> I used bent metal rods to find our well in Ark. I have no idea if we could
> have found one some place else or what all I know is we didn't have the
> normal indications of water since it was a clearing on the side of a hill so
> we decided to try it. We got plenty of water.
>     Grandpa Brown always said look at the trees like oak and see how they
> reach to the ground for water and you will find water. I guess for that
> matter if you would look at the type of trees that are growing in the area
> that may also indicate where you would have a good chance on water. Maples,
> cottonwood, willow and pecan are just a few that like moist areas you could
> try.
>       I have tried the rods and have found water pipe in dirt and in a
> cement floor house. As far as the ESP things goes yes I do have that and
> have proven it to my family too many times. Strange stuff that ESP I learn
> something new every day about it still haven't figured it out. Anyone I
> think can do it if you listen to your body/ inner self.
> Ranchmama
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> > Everything I've ever read that scientists wrote about divining has
> debunked it as having no basis in
> > merit. Not withstanding, I have seen it done, done it myself, and believe
> in it still without
> > understanding how it is done. My wife sincerely thinks I have ESP because
> I would come in just
> > before she would open the door to call me for meals. I think that was just
> habit on my part and a
> > belief in my mental abilities on her part. <VBG>
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> > George
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> > olin wrote:
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> > > To find water here in the low AZ desert, one needs to go down several
> > > thousand feet but I understand you can usually find it if you go deep
> > > enough.  An acquaintance of mine teaches dowsing as a non credit course
> > > at a local junior college.  But as he teaches it, it is more of a
> > > spiritual thing having to do with emotional and physical health.  I took
> > > the course but I'm still not sure I understand it ( I'm sure I still
> > > don't understand it).  There is an "American Society of Dowsers" sited
> > > at      that has lots
> > > divining and dowsing links.      -Olin
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> > > > I use two bent welding rods in soda bottles. Never had a problem
> > > finding water, water in pipes, oil
> > > > in pipes, etc. I can't tell you how deep the water is or many gpm it
> > > will flow but my Grandmother
> > > > Shirley could. I believe water witching is a possibility because I can
> > > do it but can't tell you how.
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