Re: [gardeners] Monday in the kitchen and garage and attic

George Shirley (
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 06:59:05 -0600

Yep, we're both crippling around right now. Miz Anne, being younger and prettier, is in better shape
than I am. My old back is aching but that will work out as the day goes on. Twenty years ago I would
have done all the attic crawling and rewired everything myself, same with the kitchen remodel.
Nowadays I pay for the work to be done and smile while they do it. Expecting electrician back today
plus the cabinet installers, that should keep Sleepy hiding in the bedroom. She doesn't like all
these people and machinery in her house.

Did you try super glueing your acrylic piece back together? That often works well. Be sure to unplug
the power line to the computer prior to any work though. We need all the gardeners we can get..

George wrote:
> George, your workload sounds incredible!  It's fantastic that
> you can keep it all moving without running out of steam --
> you and Miz Anne are to be commended -- oh, dear, and of
> course, Sleepy Dawg who obviously kept all the wild animals
> at bay while you worked ......
> Jimmie and I decided to climb in the car halfway thru dinner
> and drive down towards whatever vantage point we might
> discover in order to see the twin light beams on the World
> Trade Center.  The stars are out, there is no moon, and the
> air is chilly so that the visibility should be excellent. We
> drove more than 15 miles in to the city without finding the
> lights -- and that meant that they could only have been some
> 10 miles further, but we gave up because of all the tall
> buildings in the way. Only thing we could have done would
> have been to cross the George Washington Bridge, since
> for sure they would have been visible from the middle of
> the Hudson River -- but that would have meant a toll of $4
> or $4.50, don't know, and we turned around instead ....
> we'll find a way, on another night, betcha.
> Came back to find that the switch which turns on my
> computer had broken, so Jim opened up the steel case
> and we could see that the acrylic holder for the switch
> had fractured...  Jim says no one on earth will have a
> replacement part, and he wants to drill a hole in the face
> of the cage front, and install a larger switch. I hollered
> WAIT a minute, and so now I have staring me in the face
> a grey monster naked as a jay bird, with a dangling
> idiot light bar in front!  All I have to do is to push the old
> starter button by hand, and she takes off!  Don't worry,
> I know the parts to keep my hands off ....
> Penny
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