Re: [gardeners] Gardening/food/George

George Shirley (
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 09:14:14 -0600

6 hours should be enough to do your tomatoes. Ours used to grow in about that much until the
neighbors maple tree fell on our house and had to be cut down. I can't grow Roma's very well here
but have grown other sauce tomatoes with success.

Sharper Image carries air ionizers, several sizes, I've seen their ads on TV.

What, pray tell, is the Mediterranean diet? I'm diabetic too and I just sorta watch my carb intake.


Rosemary Carlson wrote:
> George: Some people just need to get a LIFE. Ignore. A couple of questions
> for all of you. First, how much sun per day do tomatoes REALLY need? I'd
> love to grow some Romas for cooking but, in the forest, I don't get alot of
> direct sun. My deck gets maybe 6 hrs per day at the height of summer. Is
> this enough?
> Has anyone ever done the Mediterranean diet? I'm doing it for health (I'm
> diabetic) and I find it wonderful! Anyone with any experience? I just
> started it a few weeks ago. Thus, my desire to grow Romas!
> Is there a better cooking tomato?
> Also - NONGARDENING - where can you buy an air ionizer. Not an air cleaner
> with a hepa filter but an ionizer. I've tried Wal-Mart and Best Buy. No
> dice.
> TIA!
> Rosemary - on top of a mountain in Eastern KY