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Billie: My Dr advised me to use the Mediterranean diet as it's sooooooo good
for diabetics. You use lots of olive oil (a good fat), lots of chicken and
fish and red meat only once or twice a month, and a ton of veggies including
loads of tomatoes. Fruit for dessert. No sweet desserts besides that. If you
want a potato or pasta, you don't eat bread with that meal. If you don't,
eat some Italian bread dipped in olive oil.

There are MANY books - if you'll do a search on Websites - I
haven't really found good ones but I'll post them if I do. You do NOT get
hungry if you're dieting using this diet. Of course, you have to do portion
control. Here's the plan - imagine a dinner plate. One half of it should be
veggies (raw or steamed, including salad), 1/4 should be protein, 1/4 should
be starch.

One interesting side note. After being on this diet, I have totally lost my
taste for red meat. I don't want ANY. I've also lost my taste for vegetable
fat or animal fat.

Let me know if you find any good websites. The only downside is that you
cook alot....which I do anyway. But, the meals are SUPER easy.


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> Has anyone ever done the Mediterranean diet? I'm doing it for health (I'm
> diabetic) and I find it wonderful! Anyone with any experience? I just
> started it a few weeks ago. Thus, my desire to grow Romas!

No, but it sounds interesting... is there a book or website I could go to to
explore it more?