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Billie (
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 13:27:22 -0500

on 4/1/02 10:28 AM, Rosemary Carlson at wrote:

> Billie: My Dr advised me to use the Mediterranean diet as it's sooooooo good
> for diabetics. You use lots of olive oil (a good fat), lots of chicken and
> fish and red meat only once or twice a month, and a ton of veggies including
> loads of tomatoes. Fruit for dessert. No sweet desserts besides that. If you
> want a potato or pasta, you don't eat bread with that meal. If you don't,
> eat some Italian bread dipped in olive oil.
> There are MANY books - if you'll do a search on Websites - I
> haven't really found good ones but I'll post them if I do. You do NOT get
> hungry if you're dieting using this diet. Of course, you have to do portion
> control. Here's the plan - imagine a dinner plate. One half of it should be
> veggies (raw or steamed, including salad), 1/4 should be protein, 1/4 should
> be starch.
> One interesting side note. After being on this diet, I have totally lost my
> taste for red meat. I don't want ANY. I've also lost my taste for vegetable
> fat or animal fat.
> Let me know if you find any good websites. The only downside is that you
> cook alot....which I do anyway. But, the meals are SUPER easy.
> Rosemary

Thanks - I'll look on Amazon. What you're describing sounds like the kind of
food I like to eat anyway - though I'll admit it's so much easier to eat
that way if we're out for dinner than to cook at home...:))

I use olive oil for almost everything - and love those Italian breads dipped
in good olive oil.

If I find good info I'll pass it on.