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Chuck went through the diabetes center nutritional crash course (I think 
three full days -- Blue Shield paid for it), and has done very well on his 
diet.  Now he's excited (literally) about Dr. Dean Ornish's dietary 
suggestions, not eating white starches, but brown stuff like brown 
rice.  Margaret L

>George: Yes, the traditional Mediterranean uses lots of breads and pasta.
>What I do is this. I don't eat breads/pasta with every meal. I make meals
>heavy on protein. Not like the Dr. Atkins diet but I eat slightly more
>protein and fewer servings of bread and pasta. Seldom do I eat potatoes.
>Just make the protein part of your meal a bit larger and cut way back on the
>pasta/potatoes in dishes you make. I usually use half the pasta called for.
>Steam all your veggies or eat loads of salad! You can also roast veggies and
>drizzle them with olive oil and Italian spices. Delicious! Eat lots of
>cruciferous veggies - broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower. In place of red meat
>in dishes like chili, I use ground turkey and it's just as good. BTW, this
>was all on my endocrinologist's advice and I feel like I've found the secret
>to weight loss/maintenance as well as blood sugar control! My blood sugar,
>very brittle recently, has been SO normal since I started this diet.
>Try Colavita olive oil for dipping and salad dressing. It's great! I could
>eat it by the teaspoon! Olive oil RAISES your HDL or good cholesterol and
>helps lower triglycerides. Tomatoes, of course, contain lycopine which is
>wonderful for us.
>You can actually make up recipes on this diet. If you have cheese, olive
>oil, vinegar, tomatoes, meat - you can throw together a hot/cold dish in an
>instant. If you need a few carbs, toss in some pasta but not the full amount
>the recipe calls for.
>I think part of the secret is JUST eating the Mediterranean. Don't cheat. A
>problem for all us diabetics! I have not eaten ANYTHING but this diet for
>some time now. My weight is dropping - though I don't need to lose much. I
>feel GREAT!
>After all, 1 out of 5 Americans have heart disease. 1 out of 25 Italians
>have heart disease!
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>I was wondering about your carb intake on this diet as it stresses large
>amounts of cereal grains,
>potatoes, and rice. I use Bertolli Extra Virgin olive oil for about
>everything now and have for
>several years. Get it at Sam's club in the gallon plastic jug.
>I don't know if Sharper Image has a website or not, I've only seen print and
>TV ads for their
>ionizers but haven't looked on the web.
>Rosemary Carlson wrote:
> >
> > George: Think I addressed your question in my post to Billie. But, I want
> > you to know that this diet, along with oral meds and exercise, keeps my
> > brittle blood sugar NORMAL. Forgot one thing in my post to Billie. Use
> > carbs (pasta, bread, potatoes) than on a traditional Mediterranean diet
> > a bit more protein (but only chicken, turkey, fish). Get a GOOD olive oil
> > for dipping and drizzling. A more moderately priced one for cooking.
> >
> > Thanks for the tip on Sharper Image. Do they have a website?
> >
> > Rosemary