Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:39:20 -0500

The city has a crew of three men with a large truck pulling a pretty good sized chipper that comes
around at least once a week. If there is brush, limbs, etc piled at the curb they chip it and haul
it off. It goes to the public works yard and is piled up where it generally composts pretty good.
Anyone who wants some of it just goes there and loads up. There is no charge for the service.

I freeze the onions on cookie sheets or bun pans and then bag them. That way they are already loose
enough to get out of the bag. I use a vacuum sealer and special bags so nothing gets freezer burned
and transfer the onions to a ziplock type bag when they go from the big freezer to the small one
atop the refrigerator.

George, up way to early recovering from a hypoglycemic episode wrote:
> George, did you really mean to say that the city carries around a chipper
> every single week, purportedly for the use of the public...? Who gets to
> keep the chips? Is there a charge? Can one also chop the wood into
> certain
> lengths, tie it in bundles, and leave it at the curb?
> Another question, not intended to be flippant, but how do you break apart
> a quart of frozen onions, when the time comes?  At home, I break up a bag
> of frozen ice cubes by slamming it on the floor (closed, of course <g>),
> and
> do the same with a quart of cooked rice (flat-packed in a Ziplock bag) --
> works like a charm. But out in St.Louis where I was just visiting, my
> daughter
> would not allow me to threaten her sister's stone floor with the ice
> cubes,
> and so I beat the tar out of the bag with a wooden mixing spoon, instead.
> Broke the ice, but busted the spoon.
> Penny, NY
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