Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden (
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 17:26:29 -0400

George, that chipping service "at least once a week" is miraculous!  We
no such service. OTOH, there is a huge pile of chips way back in what
used to
be our 'dump' -- I must ask them if it is available to the public....

Until about 3 or 4 years ago, we had the primary composting area in the
entire county. Only leaves could be used, and the trucks would vacuum
up at the curb about twice a fall. Gardeners always left the piles on the
clients' lawns, which naturally killed off the underlying grass every
year!  (The gardeners are jnever permited to dump anything at all, only
owners are allowed.)  We would fill 32-gallon pails with our leaves, and
the men would add them to the vacuum trucks for us. Also, Jim would
load the trunk with 3 pails at a time, and bring them up to the dump,
we had too much.  But then the homeowners whose property touched on
the leaf mold compost sued the village to get it moved away -- they hated
the smell, and claimed there were rats. Since there was absolutely 
NOTHING in that huge gathering of leaves except leaves, I question that..

So we have no available mulch whatsoever anymore.   

Ten years ago they stopped gathering the non-vegetative trash at the 
primary dump.  That used to be my son's paradise -- all those half
that he found....!  We can only bring brush, leaves and sod up there now.
Yeah, and when it rains, it gets v-e-r-y muddy, and our car bogs down
completely ....  but the guys rush to help us, and no one ever gets mad.
Must be the white hair.
I do have a vacuum sealer on the premises, but have never tried to
use it. I know that you swear by it.   I do freeze home-made cookies 
and such on a cookie sheet, just as you do. It even works for ice
cream scoops, when you want a variety of flavors to serve to 
company, and wish to get it all prepared ahead of time. And it works
for Chinese Chicken Wings, so they don't stick together. Only way
to go...

Penny, NY


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